Term Definition
Fertile Crescent Located between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers, a large arch of fertile farmland
Irrigation the supply of water to fields using man made systems
Canal human-made waterways that carry water to land
Surplus more than is needed (usually used to describe a supply of food)
City-State consists of a city and all the countryside around it
Empire group of different lands and people governed by one ruler
Polytheism the worship/belief in many Gods
Priest people who perform religious ceremonies
Social Hierarchy the division of a society by rank or class
Cuneiform the world’s first writing system. Created by the Sumerians.
Pictograph picture symbols that represent a word or object
Scribe a writer
Ziggurat a temple for worshipping Gods
Hammurabi's Code the first written laws! 282 laws that dealt with almost every part of daily life
Famine- -an extreme lack of crops or food causing widespread hunger
Monarch – one ruler
Alphabet a set of letters that can be combined to form words

Entrepreneurs entrepreneurs

Term Definition
what is an entrepreneur? A person who has the initiative and takes the risk to start an enterprise
Give two examples of enterprise in the home Growing your own organic vegetablesRenovating your home using DIY skills
Two rewards of becoming an entrepreneur independence and freedom to be your own bosspersonal satisfaction of offering goods/services they believe is important
Two risks of becoming an entrepreneur May loose money if the enterprise fails stress and worry
What are the personal characteristics of entrepreneurs? confident and proactive determined/motivated

chapter 14

Term Definition
Holy Land the region where the sites of the Holy Temple of the Jews was located and where Jesus had lived and taught
Pope Urban II Leader of the Roman Catholic Church who asked European Christians to take up arms against Muslims, starting the Crusades
Crusades a series of religious wars launched by European Christians in the Middle ages
Saladin Muslim sultan who overthrew the Seljuk Turks an drove the Christians out of Jerusalem,leading to the Third Crusade
Richard the Lion-Hearted king of England who led forces against the army of Saladin during the Third Crusade
Hanseatic League a group of cities and towns in northern Germany that worked together to promoted and protect trade
credit the promises of the later payment for goods bought
guilds trade organization in which all members set standards and prices for their products
apprentice someone who spent several years with a skilled crafter to learn basic skills of the craft
journeyman a person who has learned the basic of career as an apprentice but is still learning from masters and has not yet opened his own shop
Gothic building style that used advances in engineering to make churches taller and brighter than earlier churches
flying buttresses supports that helped hold up church walls from the outside, allowing for much higher ceiling and an interior that had no columns
illumination the process of decorating a written manuscript with pictures or designs
Hildegard of Bingen a famous medieval nun who was both poet and composer
troubadours wandering singers who performed epics and romances
Geoffrey Chaucer English author of the Canterbury Tales
Dante Alighieri Italian author of the Divine Comedy
Thomas Aquinas influential scholar who argued that classical ideas could be used to improve people's understanding of Christian teachings
Scholasticism a combination of Christian faith and rational thought set forth by Aquinas
heresy belief that oppose the church's official teachings
Inquisitions legal procedures supervised by special judges who tried suspected heretics
friars members of religious orders who took vows of poverty and obedience and lived among the people to whom they preached
Hundred Years' War a war between Britain and France that began as a dispute over the throne of France
Joan of Arc peasant girl who led the French into battle during the Hundred Years; War and won several victories before she was captured, tried , and executed by the British
War of the Roses conflict between the York and Lancaster families for the English throne
nobleman whose rise to king ended the Wars of the Roses and started a new era in English history
Black death a devastating plague that swept across Europe between 1347 and 1351

resolving conflict

Question Answer
what are the elements of a legally binding contract? OfferAcceptanceConsiderationIntention to contractConsent to contractCapacity to contractLegality of formLegality of purpose
how can a contract be terminated? AgreementFrustrationBreach of contract
what is a warranty Non essential element of a contract
What are the remedies for breach of contract? rescind the contractsue for financial compensationseek specific performance
what legislation protects consumer rights? The Sale of Goods & Supply of Services Act 1980The Consumer Protection Act 2007
What does The Consumer Protection 2007 set out? Sets out the law concerning the false or misleading promotion of goods for sale
How can consumer complaints be resolved in a non-legislative manner? Talk to the retailerSeek help from a 3rd Party
What is the Consumers' Association of Ireland? A non-commercial organisation set up to protect and promote the interests of consumers

Gatling Credit Card

Term Definition
Credit Making purchases now and paying for them later (also known as borrowing!)
Credit Card A plastic card used to make purchases now and pay for them later.
Creditor Any bank or business that extends credit to others; a lender.
Debtor Anyone who owes money; a borrower.
Finance Charge A fee for borrowing money, added to a monthly credit card bill
Late Fees Additional fees that can be added to a credit card bill if the cardholder fails to make at least the minimum payment by the due date
Minimum Payment The smallest required payment that a credit card holder can pay on a monthly bill and still remain in good standing with the lender
Principal The amount of money borrowed. On a credit card bill, the principal is the purchase price of all items bought with the card