Chapter 5 religion

Question Answer
Gospel Good news… that we are saved by Jesus.
Martyrs People who died for their faith
Saints Are models of holiness in the Catholic Church
Apostles Led the early church
What is the acts of the apostles? A book in The ne Testament. We read that the early Christians listened to the teachings of the Apostles and looked after one another "according to each one's need"
True or false: the early Romans wanted people to worship false gods and not Jesus Christ. They even called their emperor a God. True
Saint Perpetua (and St. Felicity) an early Christian who continued to believe in Jesus even when she was put to death.
Saint Augustine one of the Church's great writers
Why Saints are examples of Holiness? Saints are examples of holiness because they shared the Good News of Jesus Christ with others. Also, they believed in God no matter what even if it meant harm or death.
How Can you share the gospel of Jesus Go to church regularly with family or friends. Talk to others who don't believe about Jesus and what he means to you.
What is one thing the early Christians shared when they gathered together? Eucharist

French Vocabulary 2.4

Term Definition
La cote Rib
La dent Tooth
La gorge Throat
Le cou Neck
Le coude Elbow
Le doigt Finger
Le sang Blood
Le ventre Tummy
La langue Tongue
La levre Lip
Le front Forehead
Les yeux Eyes
Un oeil Eye
La poitrine Chest
Les cheveux Hair

8SS Q2 Amer Rev War 8SS Q2 American Revolution Quiz

Question Answer
First Continental Congress happened this year 1774
Lexington and Concord happened this year April 1775
Battle of Bunker Hill happened this year June 1775
Battle at Saratoga happened this year 1777
The Declaration of Independence is written July 1776
Surrender at Yorktown happened this year 1781
Americans celebrate July 4th because it marks independence from Britain
American colonists fought a revolution against this European nation Britain
Americans wanted to receive independence because of unfair taxation and rights being taken away
The right to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” was written by Thomas Jefferson for this document The Declaration of Independence
United States of America was created after American Revolution
The first shot of the Revolutionary War was fired here Lexington and Concord
Colonists dressed as Indians and destroyed British property by dumping it into Boston harbor Boston Tea Party
Colonial militia/soldiers were known as Minutemen
Describes the battle of Bunker Hill The British were victorious with large casualties.
This American victory convinced the French to enter the war. This battle considered the turning point of the war. Saratoga
The British surrender here signaled the end of the war Yorktown
German mercenaries who were hired and paid to fight for Britain were called Hessians
Colonists who chose to fight for independence were known as patriots
People who wanted to remain faithful to Great Britain Loyalists
Beginning of the Revolutionary War, America's military was not highly skilled and knowledgeable of complicated military strategy and tactics.
Valley Forge American army rested here, difficult conditions with shortages of food, shelter, medicine
Helped the Americans find success at sea French Navy
Officially recognized the independence of the United States, set U.S. boundaries from Atlantic to Mississippi, British agreed to withdrawal troops from America, American received rights to fish off coast of Canada The Treaty of Paris
The Americans won the war because France and Spain were Americas allies, Britain realized war too costly
Western boundary of the United States Mississippi River
Thomas Paine’s pamphlet, "Common Sense", urged the colonists to become independent from Britain
Patrick Henry’s speech, “Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death,” stated the colonists had tried to reconcile unsuccessfully, so now it was time to fight.
American strengths/advantages in the war good military leadership, knowing the land, alliance with French, motivated to be free
British strengths/advantages in the war well-trained military, experienced navy, European tactics and strategy
Many slaves joined the Continental Army because they would be free after the war
This country claimed the area west of the United States Spain
This geographic feature marked the boundary line between the United States and its western neighbor Mississippi River
Spain occupied most of the land in North America in the year 1783
This river is located in Canada St. Lawrence River
Florida is located in this area of the United States Southeast
Women should have equal rights to men or they will rebel against the men message from Abigail Adams to her husband John Adams in 1776

Physical Science Work and Force

Term Definition
Work It is the product of the force applied to an object and the displacement of the object
Power The rate at which work is done.
Joule It is the Standard International unit of energy.
Simple Machine Device that changes magnitude and/or direction of a force.
Mechanical Advantage The ratio of how much easier is to complete a task.
Lever Stiff bar that rests on a fulcrum.
Wedge Device made up of two inclined planes put together to form a sharp edge
Inclined Plane Slanting surface that connects a lower level to a higher level
Screw Inclined plane wrapped around a center post.
Wheel and Axle Wheel attached to an axle so they rotate together.
Pulley Wheel on an axle designed to support movement.

mesopotamia voca

Question Answer
irrigation the supply of water to fields using man made systems
Canal human-made waterways that carry water to land
Surplus more than is needed (usually used to describe a supply of food)
City-State consists of a city and all the countryside around it
Empire group of different lands and people governed by one ruler;)
Polytheism the worship/belief in many Gods
Priest people who perform religious ceremonies
social Hierarchy the division of a society by rank or class
cuneiform the world’s first writing system. Created by the Sumerians
Pictograph picture symbols that represent a word or object
Scribe a writer
Ziggurat a temple for worshipping Gods
Hammurabi's Code he first written laws! 282 laws that dealt with almost every part of daily life
Famine an extreme lack of crops or food causing widespread hunger
Monarchy a form of government that has one ruler
Alphabet a set of letters that can be combined to form words

chapter 2

Term Definition
collaborate act as a team
despondant depressed
instagate to cause
resillient quick to recover
retrospect looking back
rudimentary basic
scoff laugh at
squelch hold back
venerate to honor
zealot extremist

periodic table 50-10 periodic table 50-100

Question Answer
Sb Antimony
Te Tellurium
I Iodine
Xe Xenon
Cs Cesium
Ba Barium
La Lanthanum
Ce Cerium
Pr Praseodymium
Nd Neodymium
Pm Promethium
Sm Samarium
Eu Europium
Gd Gadolinium
Tb Terbium
Dy Dysprosium
Ho Holmium
Er Erbium
Tm Thulium
Yb Ytterbium
Lu Lutetium
Hf Hafnium
Ta Tantalum
W Tungsten
Re Rhenium
Os Osmium
Ir Iridium
Pt Platinum
Au gold
Hg Mercury
Ti Thallium
Pb Lead
Bi Bismuth
Po Polonium
At Astatine
Rn Radon
Fr Francium
Ra Radium
Ac Actinium
Th Thorium
Pa Protactinium
U Uranium
Np Neptunium
Pu Plutonium
Am Americium
Cm Curium
Bk Berkelium
Cf californium
Es Einsteinium
Fm Fermium

Mesopotamia Vocab

Question Answer
Irrigation The supply of water to fields using man made systems
Canal Human-made waterways that carry water to land
Surplus More than is needed (usually used to describe a supply of food)
City-State Consists of a city and all the countryside around it
Empire Group of different lands and people governed by one ruler
Polytheism The worship/belief in many Gods
Scribe A writer
Ziggurat A temple for worshipping Gods
Hammurabi's Code The first written laws! 282 laws that dealt with almost every part of daily life
Famine An extreme lack of crops or food causing widespread hunger
Priest People who perform religious ceremonies
Pictograph Picture symbols that represent a word or object
Monarchy A form of government that has one ruler
Alphabet A set of letters that can be combined to form words

WH Unit 4 Protestant

Question Answer
What were the complaints against the Catholic Church? European monarchs resumed the amount of power a.m. wealth the church had, German and English nobles didna??t like the Italian domination of the church, European merchants didna??t like the ban on usury, and Catholics were upset with growing church corrupt
What were the beliefs and actions of Martin Luther? He became the father of the reformation because of his idea that only the scripture, faith, and grace could provide salvation.
What were the beliefs and actions of John Calvin? He wrote the institutes of the Christian religion, proposed the theory of predestination, and became the leader of Geneva, Switzerland.
What were the actions of Henry 8? He was an English royal who fought with the pope over his desire for an annulment which led to the creation of the new church(Church of England).
What were the actions of Elizabeth 1? She was known as the virgen queen because of her refusal to marry a catholic or Protestant. She made the 39 articles. Also her defeat of the Spanish Armada made England the most powerful nation in Europe.
What were the effects of the reformation? Secularism, Individualism, Religious Tolerance and Gutenberg Printing Press
Describe the 30 year war. war between Catholics and Protestants in the Holy Roman Empire which led to the dismantling of the Holy Roman Empire
Describe the Huguenot war. A war between calvinista and the Catholic monarch. The Catholic monarch was forced to grant Huguenots freedom through the edict of Nantes.
What is a Huguenot? French calvinists whose battle with the catholic leaders resulted in the seven wars known as the French wars of religion.
Describe the edict of Nantes. Document which gave religious tolerance to the French Huguenots
Describe the cardinal Richelieu. French religious leader who helped the king drive out the Huguenots and made sure France was a catholic nation
Describe Hapsburg. A ruling family of the Holy Roman Empire who were Catholics whose persecution of the Protestants led to the thirty year war
How did the counter reformation combat the inquisition? The the church launched the inquisition prosecute and reinforced the catholic donctrine.
How did the counter reformation contribute to the inquisition? Creating the index of banned books
How did the counter reformation combat the jesuits/the society of Jesus? By sanctioning them with the Ignatius of Loyola
How did the counter reformation contribute to the jesuits/society of Jesus? By sending them all over the world as missionaries to spread the word of god and convert as many people as possible to the catholic faith
How did the counter reformation combat the council of Trent? The council of Trent was convened
How did the counter reformation contribute to the council of Trent? the catholic hierarchy reaffirmed most catholic teaching to demonstrate its opposition to reformation teaching
How did the counter reformation combat the index of banned books? blaming Galileo for heresy for claiming the earth revolves around the sun
How did the counter reformation contribute to the index of banned books? Idk nibba ask jahayra
Define secularism
Define individualism
Define religious tolerance
Define Gutenberg printing press(bible was the first book printed!)
Which groups were in the Armenian genocide?
Where did the Armenian genocide take place?
Which groups were in the Arab-Israeli conflict?
Where did the Arab-Israeli conflict take place?
Which groups were in the partioning of India into Pakistan and Bangladesh?
Where did the partitioning of India into Pakistan and Bangladesh take place?
Which groups were in a??The Troublesa???
Where did the a??troublesa?? take place?
Which groups were in the Bosnian and Croat a??Genocidea???
Where did the Bosnian and Croat a??Genocidea?? take place?
Define Calvinism Christian denomination whose foundations is the concept of predestination. Also know as Huguenots, puritans, pilgrims, and Presbyterians
Define 95 thesis Written by Martin Luther, listed the ways in which the practices of the Catholic Church were corrupted.
Define Protestant Church Any Christian Church that broke off from the Catholic Church
Define catholic/counter reformation Formed by the Catholic Church to decide what should be done to fight the Protestant reformation
Define Protestant reformation The era that led to the division of Catholicism in Western Europe and the creation of new Christian denominations
Define Ignatius of Loyola The leader of the jesuits who were deployed by the Catholic Church
Define treaty of West Phalia Ended the thirty years war giving Protestants religious toleration
Definition of vernacular The language of he people that reformers wanted made in the Bible
Who were the early reformers who gained followers but couldna??t spread their messages as the printing press had not yet been made Wycliffe and huss
Definition of predestination The idea that god has everything planned out already
Definition of the Catholic Church The church that had control of Western Europe until the Protestant reformation
Definition of Church of England Created as a result of Henry the 8tha??s fight with the pope
Definition of council of Trent A court set up by the Catholic Church in all catholic Kingdoms made to question peoplea??s faith
Definition of indulgences Sold by the clergy to reduce someonea??s time in purgatory to get them to heaven faster
Define holy Roman empren
Define Holy Roman Empire The area of Europe that encompassed Germany and nearby areas that were in the thirty years war
Define the inquisition The war waged by the papacy to combat the Protestant reformation in order to maintain church power
After people were questioning church validity, they began to look for answers elsewhere which led to the development of the scientific revolution
The idea of uniformity and comformitygave way to a belief in individualism which eventually made a way for democracy to happen
After years of bloodshed the idea of religious tolerance became more prevalent
Because of the Protestant belief that the Bible is the final authority on gods word, the Bible was the first most widely printed book.
Ottoman Empire and orthodox Christians
Ottoman empire
Israel Jews and palestinian Muslims and Arab neighbors
Israel/formerly Palestine
Hindu nationalists and Indian Muslims
Irish Catholics and English/British Protestants
Northern Ireland
Orthodox Christian Serbs and Bosniaks(Bosnian Muslims)+Catholic Croats

Grammar Basic Grammar

Term Definition
Proper noun The specific name of a person, place or thing. Example; George Washington, Taco Bell, and Carlie
Pronouns A pronoun is a word that takes the place of a noun. Example; he, she, it, them.
Prepositions show: A preposition shows time, location, or movement. Example; During, on, and into
A Conjunction is… A conjunction is a word that connects words, phrases, and clauses.
The seven conjunctions: Use FANBOYS to remember: For, and, nor, but, or, yet , so.
Independent Clause: An Independent clause is a sentence that can stand on it own because it contains a subject, a verb, and a complete thought.
Dependent Clause: A dependent clause contains a subordinant conjunction and a clause.
Compound sentence: A compound sentence is a sentence that contains 2 independent clauses joined by a comma and a conjunction.
Complex sentence: A sentence with 1 or more dependent clauses and an Independent clause.
Rules for commas in a complex sentence: If the Independent clause starts the sentence, there is no comma. However, if the sentence starts with a dependent clause, you add a comma.