NEW mod E week4

Question Answer
Angiocardiogram Radiograph of the heart
Bronchogram Radiograph of the lungs
Cerebral angiogram Radiograph of the major arteries of the brain
Cholangiogram Radiograph of the bile ducts
Coronary angiogram Radiograph of the coronary arteries
Cystogram Radiograph of the urinary bladder
Doppler ultrasound uses ultrasound to measure the direction and speed of blood as it flows through blood vessels
Echocardiogram Ultrasound examination of the heart
Flouoroscope instrument used to view internal organs directly
Hysterosalpingogram Radiograph of the uterus and fallopian tubes
IVP a radiograph of the kidneys, ureters, and bladder
Radiograph permanent record of the picture produced on the X-ray film
Radiologist A physician specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of disease using radiation and other imaging techniques
Sonogram the recorded image obtained with ultrasonography
Who discovered X-rays Roentgen
How does a radiopaque structure appear on a radiograph white
What are the characteristics of computed tomography (CT) used for diagnostic studies of the brainproduces a series of cross-sectional picturesmay use a contrast dye during the scan
Name a condition that can be diagnosed on a PET scan Brain cancer and heart disease
Why are breasts compressed during a mammography obtain a clear radiograph
What occurs during an upper GI radiographic examination the radiologist observes the passage of the barium through the GI tractRadiographs are taken periodicallythe patient's position is changed at various times
why must gas be removed from the colon before a lower GI radiographic study it shows up as confusing shadows on the radiograph
which radiographic examination uses air and barium to view the colon in great detail double -contrast barium enema
What can be diagnosed with an IVP kidney stones, blockage of the urinary tract, growth of the urinary system
what is the purpose of an obstetric ultrasoud determine gestational age, Detect congenital abnormalities, Detect multiple pregnancies, Determine the position of the fetus in the uterus
what should you ask the patient must be asked before performing an IVP if he or she is allergic to iodine or shellfish
what are the patient instruction for a mammogram Do not wear lotions, powders, or deodorants
Why should the patient be instructed not to move during the radiographic examination to prevent blurring of the image on the film
what is the purpose of a bone density scan to detect bone loss
what is the greatest risk factor for osteoporosis postmenopausal woman
what does an upper gastrointestinal (GI) radiographic examination help in diagnosing GERD
what does a lower gastrointestinal (GI) radiographic examination help in diagnosing Polyps, Cancerous tumors, Ulcerative colitis, Diverticulosis
What are the characteristics of magnetic resonance imaging safe and painless, patient must remove all metal before the procedure, patient must remain still during the procedure, patient hears a metallic clacking sound during the procedure
what is the purpose of contrast medim make a structure visible on a radiograph
what are the methods used to administer a contrast medium oral administration, IV, Enema
what are the characteristic of ultrasonography Cannot be used for bone studies, Shows movement, Allows for continuous viewing of a structure, Does not use radiation
What is the patient preparation for a CT scan Remove all radiopaque objects
What is an advantage of digital radiology Images can be taken and viewed immediately, Images can be sent electronically to a network of computers, The images can be saved on a CD or DVD, Higher quality images are produced
what are the patient preparations for a bone density scan Do not take a calcium supplement on the morning of the scan
what effect does the barium suspension have on the stool after an upper GI is performed it is whitish in color
what are the patient preparations for a lower GI radiographic examination Consume only clear liquids the day before the examination, Take a laxative the day before the examination, Do not drink anything(except water)beginning after midnight on the day before the examination
what does a mammogram detect Fibrocystic breast disease, Breast cancer, Benign breast masses, Breast calcification
what instructions should be relayed to the patient regarding an upper GI radiographic examination take dye tablets with the evening meal
List example of a radiolucent structure lung, Urinary bladder, Stomach, Intestines