Chapter 5 religion

Question Answer
Gospel Good news… that we are saved by Jesus.
Martyrs People who died for their faith
Saints Are models of holiness in the Catholic Church
Apostles Led the early church
What is the acts of the apostles? A book in The ne Testament. We read that the early Christians listened to the teachings of the Apostles and looked after one another "according to each one's need"
True or false: the early Romans wanted people to worship false gods and not Jesus Christ. They even called their emperor a God. True
Saint Perpetua (and St. Felicity) an early Christian who continued to believe in Jesus even when she was put to death.
Saint Augustine one of the Church's great writers
Why Saints are examples of Holiness? Saints are examples of holiness because they shared the Good News of Jesus Christ with others. Also, they believed in God no matter what even if it meant harm or death.
How Can you share the gospel of Jesus Go to church regularly with family or friends. Talk to others who don't believe about Jesus and what he means to you.
What is one thing the early Christians shared when they gathered together? Eucharist