Alaska, Hawaii, Colo

Question Answer
What is the nickname for the state of Alaska? The last frontier
What is Alaska's largest lake that is roughly the size of Connecticut? Iliamna Lake
Can you drive to Alaska? How? Yes through Canada to the town of Fairbanks
can you take a train to Alaska? How? Yes the train takes you to Anchorage
can you take a ferry to alaska? How? Yes you can sailed from Seattle Washington to Juneau, Alaska's capital
How big is Alaska? 1/6 of the size of the entire United States
What is Alaska's tallest mountain ? Mount McKinley
Can you drive to small towns in the interior of Alaska ? No because mountains blocked away
Can you fly to the small towns in Alaska? Yes nearly every community has a landing strip
The northern third of Alaska lies within the? Arctic Circle
America's "land of the midnight sun" is? Alaska
In Alaska the sun never sets for several weeks in the? Summer
Winters on the treeless tundra are? Dark
Alaska's interior is extremely_______ in the winter. cold
What areas are milder but receive more rain and snow in Alaska The coastal areas
How far is Alaska's white mainland from Russia? 50 miles
Native Alaskans lived near the ______and_______? Bering Sea and Arctic Ocean
Alaska was already populated when what explorers visited in 1741 ? Russian
What tribes fished along the south eastern coast of Alaska ? Tinlingit and Haida
What Indians roamed the mountains in Alaska? Athabascan
Who ruled the Aleutian Islands in Alaska? Aleuts
In what year was Alaska purchased from Russia by the United States 1867
Who negotiated the purchase of Alaska ? William H Seward, Secretary of State to President Abraham Lincoln
What persuaded the American government to make Alaska an official territory? Gold mines, forests for logging, and waters full of fish
In what year did Alaska become the 49th state? 1959
Gold was once important in Alaska. But now ___________is more important followed by _______ Petroleum oil and tourism
What is the capital of Alaska ? Juneau
What portion of Alaska lies within the Arctic Circle? One third
how many years after the first Russian explorers visited Alaska did Alaska become a US state ? 218 years
what does persuaded mean ? Convinced
What is America's only state that is an island chain ? Hawaii
Hawaii lies far from the continental United States in what ocean? Pacific
Hawaii is a string of how many islands that forms when volcanoes erupted along the ocean floor ? 132
What are the smaller islands in Hawaii composed of? Coral, sand, rock, or lava
Hawaii's climate is tropical . What does tropical mean ? Humid and mild all year long with little temperature changes between night and day
Who were the first people to come to Hawaii over 2000 years ago? Polynesians
What British explorer came ashore in 1778 ? James Cook
After Cook's visit the islands were united under a single Hawaiian king. who was that king? King Kamehameha I
How long did King Kamehameha I descendents rule the islands? Nearly a century
Foreigners arrived as missionaries they came on whaling ships . Workers on ________ and ____________followed. Sugarcane and pineapple plantations
When did Hawaii become a territory of United States? 1900
The southernmost island is by far the largest this island is called?
Hawaii the world's most massive volcano, Mauna Kea and the most active volcano, Mauna Loa are found on this island? Hawaii
Which Island is known as the "big Island" Hawaii
Which of Hawaii's islands is more than 70% of the island population Oahu
Which state is the only state that has unofficial language other than English? Hawaii
This state is so many miles away from the rest of the country it calls itself the? Aloha state
In the Hawaiian language, Aloha means ? Love
How many small islands and how many large islands does Hawaii consist of ? 124 small islands and eight large islands
Which of the following is not in the name of one of the main Hawaiian Islands?A. KahoolaweB. KamehamehaC. OahuD. Niihau B. Kamehameha
What was explorer James Cook's nationality? British
what does the word composed mean ? Made up of
How has the type of lava flow affected the shape of the Hawaiian mountains? It has made it wide and round
What is the nickname for Colorado the Centennial State
what mountains run through Colorado ? The Rockies
What is Colorado's tallest mountain in the entire Rocky mountain range? Mount Elbert
Colorado's "Lowlands" are high. true or false True
The lowest place in the state of Colorado is where? Along the Arkansas River more than 3000 feet above sea level
the eastern third of the state is part of? Great Plains
What do farmers raise in Colorado? Wheat and corn and beef cattle
What is Colorado's capital ? Denver
The western part of the state, the Colorado Plateau , is higher than the ________ but not as high as the _________ . Plains and mountains
The plateau in Colorado is filled with ______, ______, and ______? Canyons, valleys, and mesas
What three rivers are so precious that there are laws to stop the state of Colorado from taking more than a share? Colorado River, Arkansas River, and the Rio Grande
What did Spanish explorers come to Colorado to search for? Gold
What tribes were found on the planes by the Spaniards ? Arapaho and Cheyenne
What tribe was found high in the mountains in Colorado? The Spaniards did not find_______? UteGold
Settlement did not start until the discovery of______ and _______ in the mid-19th century. Gold and silver
What 2 tribes were forced onto reservations in other states and what tribe remains in Colorado? Arapaho and CheyenneUte
True or false? Many people in Colorado live in the mountains. False
What is a mesa? Flat hill
What is the Native American tribe that still lives in Colorado? Ute
What does precious mean ? Highly valued
When did Colorado become a state? August 1, 1876
what does the word century mean? 100 years
True or false? The native Alaskanseat an unusual version of ice cream made with reindeer fat, see oil, snow, berries and groundfish. True
What is a Hawaiian party where the Kalua pig is cooked and eaten ? Luau
What is a stew made with different types of fish and shellfish ? Ciuppino
Mount Denali is located in what state? Alaska
What is a low bowl shaped landform that contains the great basin Desert and is located in the middle of the western region ? basin
What can lit up to 500 years ? Giant redwoods, sitka spruce & western hemlock
Three industries that are important to the western region Pacific ocean , fishing, Columbia river
The Central Valley is sometimes called? America's fruit and solid bowl
How many Idaho potatoes are sold as baking potatoes? 3/4
How many pounds of salt are collected from the great Salt Lake each year ? 4 million
What is an open space that is used for missile and other military weapon testing? The great basin
The Columbia River supplies water to how many acres of land? 8 million
Yellowstone National Park was found in what year and covers how many square miles of land? 18723,472
What is the core of a volcano, expose by years of erosion? Devils Tower
What is the nation's second largest city in our nation? Los Angeles
what is a Boomtown? When gold and silver deposits were found
California's most famous fault is what and how long is it ? San Andreas and 600 miles long
Many places in Alaska receive how much inches of precipitation per year ? 100