8SS Q2 Amer Rev War 8SS Q2 American Revolution Quiz

Question Answer
First Continental Congress happened this year 1774
Lexington and Concord happened this year April 1775
Battle of Bunker Hill happened this year June 1775
Battle at Saratoga happened this year 1777
The Declaration of Independence is written July 1776
Surrender at Yorktown happened this year 1781
Americans celebrate July 4th because it marks independence from Britain
American colonists fought a revolution against this European nation Britain
Americans wanted to receive independence because of unfair taxation and rights being taken away
The right to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” was written by Thomas Jefferson for this document The Declaration of Independence
United States of America was created after American Revolution
The first shot of the Revolutionary War was fired here Lexington and Concord
Colonists dressed as Indians and destroyed British property by dumping it into Boston harbor Boston Tea Party
Colonial militia/soldiers were known as Minutemen
Describes the battle of Bunker Hill The British were victorious with large casualties.
This American victory convinced the French to enter the war. This battle considered the turning point of the war. Saratoga
The British surrender here signaled the end of the war Yorktown
German mercenaries who were hired and paid to fight for Britain were called Hessians
Colonists who chose to fight for independence were known as patriots
People who wanted to remain faithful to Great Britain Loyalists
Beginning of the Revolutionary War, America's military was not highly skilled and knowledgeable of complicated military strategy and tactics.
Valley Forge American army rested here, difficult conditions with shortages of food, shelter, medicine
Helped the Americans find success at sea French Navy
Officially recognized the independence of the United States, set U.S. boundaries from Atlantic to Mississippi, British agreed to withdrawal troops from America, American received rights to fish off coast of Canada The Treaty of Paris
The Americans won the war because France and Spain were Americas allies, Britain realized war too costly
Western boundary of the United States Mississippi River
Thomas Paine’s pamphlet, "Common Sense", urged the colonists to become independent from Britain
Patrick Henry’s speech, “Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death,” stated the colonists had tried to reconcile unsuccessfully, so now it was time to fight.
American strengths/advantages in the war good military leadership, knowing the land, alliance with French, motivated to be free
British strengths/advantages in the war well-trained military, experienced navy, European tactics and strategy
Many slaves joined the Continental Army because they would be free after the war
This country claimed the area west of the United States Spain
This geographic feature marked the boundary line between the United States and its western neighbor Mississippi River
Spain occupied most of the land in North America in the year 1783
This river is located in Canada St. Lawrence River
Florida is located in this area of the United States Southeast
Women should have equal rights to men or they will rebel against the men message from Abigail Adams to her husband John Adams in 1776